Chocolate Foot

Putting our best foot forward

Welcome to Chocolate Foot

Welcome to Chocolate Foot! The team at Chocolate Foot always have their best foot forward to deliver premier mountain bike events featuring the best trails, fantastic prizes from industry-leading sponsors, and a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

So you might be wondering 'What does Chocolate Foot mean, exactly?' In cycling terms, it is the foot a rider prefers to have in the forward position. We all have a chocolate foot - you may not consciously know which one it is, but next time you jump on your bike and stand up on the pedals to coast, take a look down and check out your chocolate foot.

Our Events: The Singletrack Mind five-race endurance series offers the singletrack obsessives the opportunity to race at some of the best tracks around NSW & ACT, and this series has quickly established itself as the premier endurance series. Popular in 2011 and 2012, the Rock Wallaby is currently having a little rest while land access issues get sorted out, but this 50km half marathon event, with a support act of a 25km event, earned itself a reputation of a true mountain biker's event taking in a tour of Appin’s great natural terrain.

Other Activities: We love assisting people in developing their skills and their love for the sport. We offer mountain bike skills training, social rides and even weekends away.

Check out our snappy yet subtle Chocolate Foot jersey! A stylish, high performance riding jersey that's certain to be a conversation starter out on the trails and is easy on the wallet. It comes in mens and womens styles, features 3 pockets on the back, a full length invisible zipper for the blokes and 3/4 length invisible zipper for the ladies - click on the image below for a larger view. Check your sizing here and snap one up right here!