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Singletrack Mind Series 2012 - competitor and supporter comments


Round 6, Awaba

Thanks so much for a great year guys. Eating my last chocolate foot I am a little sad it's all over. Looking forward to next year!

Thanks for an awesome series of racing Chocolate Foot. Joe and Fi you put a lot of effort into making the events accessible to all types of riders and somehow you manage to take an event where we grind ourselves into the ground for eight hours, and you just make it really FUN! I’ll definitely be back next year and hopefully with some sharper singletrack skills to hit out laps with more speed and confidence.

Always the best and final race of the year for me. Bring on 2013!

Thanks for a terrific ride on Sunday, it was a fantastic day.

It's a fantastic series, were already looking forward to next year!

Congrats on a great series, I came in on the last round but will certainly be there next year.

After 8 and a half hours, it seemed a fitting climax to a great series of racing, that had taken us from the jumps of Orange to the frozen tundra of Kowen in winter, the super flow of Nowra, the rocks of Welby, the dizzying corners of Rydal, and the climbs and swoops of Awaba.  A big thanks to Chocolate Foot for the fantastic series - I can't wait for 2013!

Thanks for another great event.

HI Fi and Joe, I just wanted to thank you guys and your crew for a fantastic series. The thanks is coming from all The Horcc riders which also included the All Track junior teams and some of the Stevens team riders. It's great to ride new venues, and not going to Stromlo was nice. We are all looking forward to next year.

Thanks for a great year of Choc Foot events, it was awesome! We already pumped up for next years rides!

Thankyou Joe & Fiona, after all 6 races I am glad to have done them, all were challenging in different ways. It is great to go knowing that things are organised, water / toilets... are there every time, the events start on time...
Will do it all again next year

i loved the atmosphere of the race (it was my first chocolate foot race) and as a result intend on doing the whole series next year.

Thks for the great series it was my first time racing I had a great time. Hoping to get more girls out there next year!!

Thanks for a great series guys. See you next year.

Another great event yesterday. Thanks for all the hard work to get it going!

we had so much fun and i love the atmosphere at your events, so to be a part of that is amazing.

Thanks so much for sorting out a way for the Singlespeeders and Clydesdales to check their results without flicking back and forward through categories. It was very much appreciated.

HOT and FROTHIN!!! the best race series, thanks heaps Fi, Joe and crew + the choc foot, it might have melted in the heat but i still smashed it down YYEEOOWW

Thanks to Joe, Fi and crew and all the other local volunteering clubs for their commitment to see cross country MTBing flourish and thanks to all riders we all have met along the way.

Thankyou also to Joe and Fi from Chocolate Foot and the clubs and volunuteers that made this series happen. You put on a great series all year long!

Once again, the Chocolate Foot race series 'family' made this another unbelievable day.

Thanks once again for organizing such a wonderful series.


Round 5, Rydal, nr Lithgow

I just wanted to say thanks for an awesome event.   It was a great track with lots of twists and turns. The atmosphere was really relaxed but everything we wanted was available and worked smoothly. Obviously you guys are pros at this, but just wanted to let you know we had a good time.

Great job Choccy Foot and CTMTB, 15 happy folk from Orange :-D

Thank you for a great event guys!

This was an awesome race on great trails – a huge thanks to CTMBC and Chocolate Foot for making it happen.

you & Joe create a terrific atmosphere at your events so take a bow!

RYDAL was sick, thanks for the awesome race YYEEOOWWWW!!!!

I've done a bunch of STM races in a range of formats and always had a ball - cruisy social teams, solo plodder, cycle tourist (yes, that Nowra trip...), competitive race team and even as a volunteer marshal - thanks to Chocolate Foot for managing to create events that somehow just turn out to be awesome from every angle.

Thanks to all of you at Chocolate Foot for running a great series and also to your sponsors, especially SRAM.

My 6 year old wannabe MTB racer son had a great day with all the kiddies events - and is now a disciple of Muc-Off. Needless to say teacher was most bemused by this during class at Monday's show & tell session! ;-p

Was a great event, had a blast. Thanks to all involved.


Round 4, Welby, Southern Highlands of NSW

The most pleasing thing for me was the way the kids were treated on track. I asked them through out the day and on the way home how they were treated when being passed and they all said great no problems, in fact 2 of them said they had guys pull up behind them and let them know that they would stay with them for a while and give some advise. My son said one guy rode with him for 5 to 10 min giving him tips on how to get over obstacles and corner which he found great.

Overall I think your No dickheads policy is taken seriously (how couldn't it be after that brilliant rider briefing, loved it!). Your advise on the track was spot on. The way the event was run also adds to how good and enjoyable this event was for all of us, I could not have asked for a better experience for the boys on their first race. If they weren't already they are definitely hooked now, they're already asking when the next race is.

As always an incredible event! Thanks to you guys & the Southern Highlands crew!

Hi Fiona & Joe! Thank you for the great event. We enjoyed the course a lot. One of the best I've done I would say. The event was well run and we had a fantastic day. Will definitely do some more. So a big thank you.

Awesome track - tough but heaps of fun. Thanks Chocolate Foot and SHCC.

Great work guys! That was a sweet proper XCO style track.

It was the loveliest atmosphere and well organised event.

Thanks for a great weekend, we all loved the track and thanks for organising such nice weather for us too! 

Just while I remember, I want to thank you for some great weekends this year... Thoroughly enjoyed the events I got to this year even if I did have a sook at Welby and threw in the towel...

Congrats to my clydesdale brothers on moving the 'excess baggage' around the course and hopefully Cory can give Matt some good challenges in the last 2 rounds to get a worthy series winner!!!

See you next year!!!

Worst thing about not being able to race the last 2 rounds... Missing out on 16 hours of racing!

Best thing about not being able to race the last 2 rounds... Missing out on 16 hours of racing!!


Round 3, Coondoo Road, Nowra

All in all it was a super fun race. Big thanks again to Chocolate Foot for putting on yet another great event.

Also wanted to say thanks for running these events. The organisation always seems seamless and it's a really fun format. Bit of a staple of the MTB calendar for many of us!

Thanks Chocolate Foot for another lovely event!

Awesome day, fun track great event… see you at Welby

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a great day at Nowra. A great/smooth running event day, relaxed atmosphere and friendly faces as always :) It was also great to see so many women there and i think that is a reflection of the events you run. Please also pass on a thank you to Dave and his big smile around the track :)

For the record - I'm stuffed. Great day though *grinning*

Thanks for another well run and super fun STM round. It was good to see Gumby back and being useful as a start line coordinator.

As per usual Chocolate foot ran a flawless event.

Thanks also to Choc Foot for another excellent race in a great fun series.


Round 2, East Kowen Forest, Canberra

It was amazing, brilliant, fun, awesome trails, great people and atmosphere, unbelievably well organised, really GOOD music and how the hell Jo organised that sunshine for the entire time the race was on…well, he must have connections in high places?

Well done guys, you’ve created something to be proud of. We’re more than happy to be a part of your Chocolate Foot family.

Looking forward to a long relationship and the next race.

Hi guys, raced at Kowen today. Its been a while since I have done a Choccy Foot race although I will make sure I am at one sooner rather than later for the next one. Awesome day, fab organisation and great trails.

And a big thanks to Chocolate Foot for an awesome race - it's shaping up to be a fantastic series, particularly if Gumby stays in attendance!

What an amazing day at the chocolate foot SRAM enduro. Lots of fun

Thanks STM - another great event and a super fun day of riding!

Great trails today at the SRAM Singletrack Mind race at Kowen Forest. Cold start, hot racing, big smiles

the race was awesome, pumpin trails and yes COOOOLDDDDD!!! frothin still today!

had a magnificent day - trails were brilliant

thanks Chocolate Foot for putting on another great event... But I gotta say... What's with all this climbing (Orange was massive climbing)... Us Clydesdales like it flat!!!

thanks to the Chocolate foot event crew for running such a smooth event; no hassles, many smiles, great people.

The day had an excellent feeling about it….all very well organised and light hearted and great fun. Weather good also. Everything was good – the stalls, gumby, the food, the MC’s.

as a first timer, I had a safe, fun and absolute time of my life. survived 5 laps, 60km of hard core for me on my $500, 26" MTB. next year I'll be back,  and hopefully with a 29'er so I can get through 7 or more laps. thanks again Fi and Joe. It was just awesome and very rewarding

What an awesome day it was, thanks for all your efforts


Round 1, Kinross Forest, Orange

A massive thank you to the great event you organised on the weekend in Orange. As always well organised, smooth running and a great track! Dreaming of single track again, see you next round. Thanks again.

Awesome day, track, volunteers, organisers and fellow riders.....the only thing missing was Fi. Well done guys, see you next round.

Best STM ever!!! Well done Fi, Joe, Josh, Kelly. Cracking day, great track, lots of great riders.

Thanks to Joe and Fiona for having us as a part of The Single Track Mind Series for 2012, what an awesome event, the team at Zerofive had a ball, we are looking forward to the rest of the year. Congrats on a successful event.

Well it seems like an aeon ago - but I'm still smiling. That was a seriously enjoyable track. Hats off to the people who made that trail happen - there's a lot of work in there, great stuff!

Usual salute to the whole Chocolate Foot crew and all the associated volunteers and sponsors.

Fantastic vibe, perfect weather - if you weren't there you really missed a memorable event.

Wow, what a great race.
I have been out of Mountain Biking for over 10 years and it was nice to come to such a well organized race. The course was great too. I am very excited to do your series this year and get my skills and fitness back.

Still smiling from all the fun that was had on that track yesterday. Awesome start to the series!

What an awesome day. Just wanted to let you know that we all had a great time on the weekend. Looking forward to the next round!

The event was awesome, you guys put on a well run casual atmosphere fun event.

Thanks for the great weekend at Orange, what a cracka of a track, I hope you go back next year.

Thanks also to Joe and the Chocolate Foot crew for a great event!

want to say what a fantastic time we had in orange. You guys put on a fantastic show! Well done.

What a great day in Orange, nice track, nice people would love to go back and check out the rest of the trails sometime.

Thanks for the race, sick track. Great fun in open pairs and 11 laps, keep it up cause me n dad are coming bck for more

Thanks for a great day of racing very well organised yet again

Great event, had a blast! Finally didn't crash in a race :)

Almost as good as today's track was the amazing massage from the Body Mechanic. Wow - I wish Blair was based in Canberra.