Essential Skills for E-MTB


As E-bikes become more and more popular, we’ve received plenty of requests for E-bike specific skills coaching. As E-bike owners, we have extensively ridden them, tested their limits and have formulated a curriculum specific to them. We're pleased to offer our new Essential Skills for E-MTB clinic.

The skills required to ride an E-MTB off road don’t differ greatly to a non-assisted bike, which is part of the reason why they have become so popular. But there are a few significant differences that we'll highlight in the clinic. Riders will learn all the fundamental skills they need to add finesse and control to their riding, ride with greater confidence and have more FUN! 


This clinic is for riders who are new to mountain biking and have started on an e-bike. It's also for riders who have mountain bike experience but have moved to an e-bike, and wish to refine their skills particularly those that are relevant to an e-bike such as handling a heavier bike, braking points, and climbing.


With a low student to teacher ratio, we ensure plenty of attention and instruction for everyone. The skills and drills we’ll teach will be tailored to ensure everyone gets the most out of the session.

If the dates for this clinic don't work for you, then please also see our MTB Fundamentals and MTB Fundamentals for Women clinics where e-bike riders are absolutely welcome!


Manly Dam & surrounds, Sydney, NSW

Clinic Dates:​​

What we'll be covering in the workshop:

  • Bike safety & setup - ensuring your bike is mechanically sound, comfortable, and suitably configured for your riding style - including suspension setup

  • E-Bike modes - how and when to best use each mode and how to get the best performance out of your bike

  • Pedalling technique and gear selection - newer motors are far more responsive and require a different pedalling style to older models. We’ll show you what works for your particular bike.

  • Body position and weight distribution - understanding the effect of your body position on the bike

  • Balance skills - for control at low speed and tight trails

  • Braking - with a heavier bike and higher speeds, your braking technique needs to be dialled! We’ll cover which brake does what and how to brake for superior results

  • Cornering and singletrack technique

  • Ascending & descending - body position, gear selection, line choice

  • Clearing obstacles - unweighting and intro to wheel lifts

What you'll need to bring:

  • E-bike - please make sure your bike is mechanically and electrically sound and clean. As well as the more obvious safety points, your bike must have handlebar end plugs fitted. 

  • Bike protective gear - helmet (Australian Standards AS/NZS 2063 approved), gloves, shoes, sunnies

  • Spares & tools - an inner tube (even if you’re running tubeless), spare chain link, multi-tool, mini-pump

  • Water - please make sure you bring with you bottles and/or hydration pack full of water. There may not be convenient access to water during the clinic

  • Snacks - it’s harder to learn new things if you’re hungry!

What's provided:

  • Small group tuition - coach to participant ratio of 1:6, ensuring plenty of attention for everyone

  • A fun and challenging four hours on your e-mtb 

Registration Information:​

  • Clinic Fee: $125 (includes GST). Please note our refund policy

  • Places are limited to 10; minimum age for participants is 14

  • Chocolate Foot is covered by its own Public Liability Insurance. You are responsible for your own Personal Injury Insurance and Ambulance Cover.

  • Final information will be sent by email to all participants in the week prior to the clinic